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At Bluefield, our foremost focus is on producing top quality tea. The processed tea is then packaged, marketed, distributed and sold Worldwide and is renowned for its supreme aroma and taste.

Our tea centres and restaurants are subsidiary wings that complement the top quality tea we produce. High grown Tea is what Manufactured at Blue Field Tea Garden at Ramboda as we are 1285 meters above from the sea level which is surrounded by misty mountains and lush tea plants.

Our Estate produces an average amount of 40,000 kilo grams of green leaves per month, and our factory produces a amount of 30,000 kilo grams made Tea per month.

OPA – Orange Pekoe A The largest whole leaf wiry tea. A delicate brew that varies in taste, according to different elevations.
OP – Orange Pekoe A whole leaf, well twisted tea. A delicate brew that varies in taste according to different districts.
OP 1 – Orange Pekoe 1 A well twisted leaf tea, generally from the low country region.
BOP 1 – Broken Orange Pekoe 1 A well twisted semi-leaf tea generally from the low country, with a mild malty taste.
Pekoe A curly leaf style giving a light cup and delicate taste.
FBOP – Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe A semi- leaf tea with some tip. Has a mellow flavoury cup.
FBOPF Ex.Sp – Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe Fanning Extra Special A whole leaf tea with an abundance of long tips. An exquisite mildly caramel sweet liquor.
FBPOF 1 – Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe Fanning 1 A typical low country semi-leaf tippy tea with a full bodied sweet brew.
Gun Powder This Green tea has been prepared using the Chinese pan heating process. A strong tasting tea with its unique Ceylon fragrance.
Sencha This Green tea has been prepared using the Japanese steaming process. A delicate tasting tea with a character synonymous with this style of manufacture.
BOP – Broken Orange Pekoe A popular leaf size, which helps to bring out a good balance of taste and strength.
BOPF – Broken Orange Pekoe Fannings A particle smaller than BOP, popular in the higher elevations. Taste stronger than BOP whilst retaining all other characteristics
Dust 1  Fine granular particles that bring out optimum strength and body, ideal for commercial brewing.
BP 1 – Broken Pekoe 1 The larger leaf of CTC (Crush, Tear & Curl) type manufacture with bold spherical particles giving a full bodied bright tea.
PF 1  – Pekoe Fannings 1 A smaller size leaf of CTC (Crush, Tear & Curl) type manufacture giving a strong tasting tea. Ideal for tea bags.
PD – Pekoe Dust Smaller size leaf of the CTC (Crush, Tear & Curl) type manufacture, giving & strong taste with more cup colour.
Silver Tips  The finest buds from teas of a special colour which turn velvety silver when dried. A very delicate fragrant brew of mystical medicinal properties.
Golden Tips The finest buds of a special clone, which turns velvetly Gold due to coating of juices. A very delicate fragrant brew, of mystical medicinal properties.