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Blue Field Tea Gardens has grown from small beginnings into a leading producer of Pure Ceylon Tea. Blue field tea is world renowned because of its unique aroma and flavour is reserved, with the art of producing tea which was carried over a century.

I`m proud to say that we have successfully achieved many of our goals, including the expansion of Blue Field to East Asia. The dedication of our staff is the key to our success, and I thank my team of talented people who are turning our visions into reality.

A special word of gratitude needs to be shared for those poor families at our Tea Estate for their hard work. We not only support them financially, we provide them accommodation and other necessary needs including education for their children.

I strongly believe in humble beginnings, hardworking employees and colleagues who have contributed to our success. As our operations diversify from our core business of development into processing, manufacturing and exporting of Tea.

We continue to seize new opportunities that drive the growth of Blue Field Tea Gardens and the nation as a whole, creating a solid legacy for future generations.For the last 40 years and continuing into the future, Blue Field aim is to become leader among the major tea producers in Sri Lanka